This website is dedicated to the exhibition Time Machine: Cinematic Temporalities curated by Antonio Somaini with Eline Grignard and Marie Rebecchi, and with Antoine Prévost-Balga as associate curator. 

The exhibition opened on January 12th, 2020 in the 25 rooms of the Palazzo del Governatore in the Italian city of Parma, as part of the cultural program of Parma 2020, the year in which Parma had been designated to be the Italian Capital of Culture. Although initially scheduled to be open until May, the exhibition closed on March 8th, 2020, when Italy began its first national lockdown caused by the covid pandemic.

In order to document this project and prolong somehow its life span, making it accessible for artists and researchers, scholars and students, critics and curators, we have produced this website, which gathers


a presentation of the exhibition, accompanied by texts and still images;

Exhibition Film

a film on the exhibition, which leads the viewer through its different sections, as a sort of guided visit;


the English version of the catalogue, with essays by the curators and by international scholars in the fields of art history, film and media theory;


a series of eleven interviews with some of the artists and filmmakers who have participated in the exhibition, as well as with several film scholars and curators whose works and whose suggestions have been very important for the development of the exhibition project.

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