Interview with Malena Szlam

An experimental filmmaker of Chilean origins but based in Montreal, Malena Szlam has developed throughout the years a work at the intersection between film and installation. A member of the collective Double Négatif in Montreal, she is the author of films such as Chronogram of Inexistent Time (2008), Beneath your Skin of Deep Hollow (2010), Rhythm Trail (2010-11), Anagrams of Light (2011), Lunar Almanac (2013), Morphology of a Dream (2015-18) and ALTIPLANO (2018). In this interview she discusses the genesis and the structure of the two films presented in two different sections of the exhibition: Lunar Almanac, in the section on the relations between time-lapse cinematography and the temporalities of the natural world; ALTIPLANO, in the section on the relations between the layered materiality of analog, photochemical film, and the layered temporalities of geological stratifications.

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