Exhibition Film

Screenshot from the exhibition film.

The exhibition film Time Machine: Cinematic Temporalities leads the viewer through an itinerary across the 25 rooms of the Palazzo del Governatore in the Italian city of Parma, where the exhibition with the same title opened on January 12th, 2020.

Edited by Margaux Serre, with a series of voiceover comments by the curator and the associate curators of the exhibition—Antonio Somaini, with Eline Grignard, Marie Rebecchi, and Antoine Prévost-Balga—the film moves across the four sections of the exhibition (1. Flows, 2. Instants, 3. Re-montage, 4. Oscillations) presenting all the exhibited works.

The film contains also excerpts from the interviews with artists, curators, film historians and theorists that are presented in full in the section Interviews of this website: Jeffrey Blondes, Teresa Castro, Ian Christie, Jean-Michel Durafour, Térésa Faucon, Alain Fleischer, Kei Osawa, Jacques Perconte, Malena Szlam.

Curated by Antonio Somaini

With Eline Grignard and Marie Rebecchi

Associate Curator: Antoine Prévost-Balga

Editing: Margaux Serre

Sound mixing: Stéphane Rives

Color grading: Alexandre Lelaure

Special thanks to Emilien Awada

With the support of:

LIRA (Laboratoire International de Recherches en Arts)

Université Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris 3 (Paris)